Helen has worked as an independent trainer for 20 years helping many people develop their relationships and bonds, which has led her to become the youngest person ever to achieve the prestigious double Kennel Club Accredited Instructor for companion dogs and assistance dogs and has also been appointed as the youngest ever board member for the scheme. Helen is also kennel club good citizen dog scheme Gold level examiner. Helen has passed her Association of Pet dog Trainers assessment and is now a full member of the scheme.



Helen has studied a rehabilitation and therapy degree and is a fully qualified hydrotherapist. Helen believes that physical rehabilitation is an important process in having a healthy dog. Helen spent 6 years as an instructor at dogs for good, helping people with disabilities working closely with a dog provided by the charity to help them gain more independence. She now provides dogs for private clients to help do the same job.



Helen's aims are to help animals achieve both physical and emotional balance whilst ensuring that their welfare is of top priority. With a little more help more animals and their families can live in harmony, sometimes this may involve rehabilitation and behaviour modification, but essentially time and patience is key.



Helen also believes that keeping up her own skills is really important in being a good instructor. She owns 5 pet dogs, 2 horses and 2 goats. Helen competes regularly in various disciplines. Her eldest dog Shadow is a Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold level and also is her demo dog for assistance dog work. Leo is a Grade 2 in agility and has weekly lessons to keep up his training. Sky is a working gundog and at present is a beating dog on shoots, she has just started competing in Scurry's, she is also a Kennel Club Good Citizen Silver Level. Jack is Helens youngest Labrador, he is sky’s son and he is also going to be a gundog, but he will be a peg dog during shoot season, he loves to swim and carry game, he is currently at Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze level. Lastly there is Riley, he is a rescue with very little confidence, he has dabbled in agility but his main interests are going on walks and enjoying the company of other dogs.


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I have owned dogs for many years and have bred a few litters of miniature schnauzers. First and foremost my dogs are pets but I also enjoy doing agility and have competed. I have worked with a large array of animals for approx 20 years and have a keen interest in farming and a passion for horses. I am also randomly a qualified AI person for cattle!


I am just starting my KCAI training and doing a small amount of teaching which I am really enjoying. I'm also a kennel club good citizen dog scheme Bronze assessor. I am hoping to soon start some training in holistic therapies and canine massage as I have seen the fantastic results these can bring to my own boy Murphy. I have attended two TTouch workshops and again this is something I wish to learn more about. I enjoy attending workshops and learning different techniques and am trying to attend as many as possible to widen my knowledge base. I have also attended a canine first aid workshop.


Suzi has also gained the Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze level with Ruby and Silver Level with Ziggy.






Kody Naylor

DOG Training Instructor





I have had dogs for as long as I can remember, I started getting into training at a young age as I used to show my dogs. I have four Samoyed’s and four degus. My dogs are now all retired and are very much pampered pooches, but we enjoy learning new tricks to keep their minds stimulated. I have worked with various species both domestic and exotic within my short time in this industry. I have a great interest in the conservation of exotic species and have a passion for lions and dogs.


I graduated my BSc (HONs) in Applied Animal Behaviour and Training in 2017, since then I have volunteered at a wildlife orphanage in Zimbabwe. Including helping to devise a training plan for three deaf and blind Dalmatians that had no manners. I also have a Level 3 in Animal Management and have experience in instructing classes as the training classes I went to with my pooches gave me the opportunity.


I also have experience in dog grooming and hydrotherapy for dogs. I am looking at taking a course in hydrotherapy as this is a great interest of mine. I decided to become a trainer as I believe teaching people and their dogs the skills they need creates harmonious living, it forms a great bond between pet and owner that will last a lifetime, and to me, that is something worth dedicating our time. I also believe the unconditional love between pets and owners is excellent for everyone’s mental health.


I enjoy expanding my skill set and knowledge through reading research papers, undertaking workshops and learning off other trainers.

I have achieved bronze level in the good citizen scheme with my eldest female.
















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